The world has become a more complex place. Keeping up with the avalanche of changes is difficult. We have entered an age of information overload. Misleading information is prevalent both on the Internet and in mass media. This misinformation or incomplete information can lead to poor decision-making or inaction. Having a trusted consultant to wade through and keep abreast of these changes can be invaluable.

Financial planning is not an exact science; however, through a process that allows me to get to know your wants and desires I am able to aid you in building a "Financial Fortress" that can better withstand the wealth-eroding forces of taxes, disability, lawsuits, and death. I take a macroeconomic approach in analyzing your present financial situation. This allows us to see how each component of your plan works with every other component, thereby allowing us to potentially:

  1. Prevent overlap
  2. Target more wealth over your lifetime
  3. Lower your financial costs
  4. Provide better financial protection
  5. Provide organization for your financial documents and plan

My clients trust me to provide them with objective guidance so they can make informed decisions that they feel are best for them. I take this responsibility very seriously. Every client has their own unique wants, desires, values, and problems; therefore, there are no cookie cutter answers. Working together, however, we can design a plan that meets or exceeds all your expectations.

Of course, changes in tax laws, new financial products, planned obsolescence, and life-altering events make this is an ongoing process. I look forward to helping you design your "Financial Fortress".